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Andrex Gentle Clean 9 Rolls (Pack of 5)

Andrex Gentle Clean 9 Rolls (Pack of 5)
Andrex Gentle Clean 9 Rolls (Pack of 5)
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With puppies on a roll. White. Average 170 sheets per roll. 2 Ply. Andrex® wants everyone to feel as clean as possible. Andrex® Gentle Clean is designed with this in mind. It is fragrance-free, dermatologically tested and embossed with puppies to give you and your family a gentle clean. We recommend using Andrex® Gentle Clean alongside Andrex Washlets® to help you feel cleaner and fresher than using dry toilet tissue alone. The Andrex® Clean Routine1. Use 3-4 sheets per wipe2. Wipe from front to back until clean3. Use 1-2 Washlets® to feel cleaner4. Pat dry with toilet tissue5. Always wash hands with soap Average 170 Sheets Per Roll. 2 Ply. Average sheet size 124mm x 103mm. Average roll length 21.08m Andrex Gentle Clean With Gentle Embossed Puppies. 4 Toilet rolls. Average 170 sheets per toilet roll. 2 Ply Toilet Paper


Kimberly-Clark Limited, 1 Tower View, Kings Hill, West Malling, ME19 4HA.


Country of Origin United Kingdom

Packed In United Kingdom


Type Unspecified Pack

Additional Information

Toilet roll; toilet rolls; toilet paper

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