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13 Oct Do you know Christ Jesus
Edwin 0 125
Do you know Christ Jesus? Is He living in you? If He does, He’ll identify Himself there. If He’s there, He’s bound to let Himself be known. You can’t hide Him, He stands out.Deuteronomy 5:33Ye shall walk in all the ways which the LORD your God hath c..
12 Oct When the carnal and the spiritual meets
Edwin 0 83
When the carnal and the spiritual meets, there is always a clash. When Judas and Jesus met, there was a clash; One, the Son of God; the other one, the son of Satan. Just like Cain and Abel, there was a clash when they met. One of them was the treasur..
12 Oct Only thing, I'll just keep sowing Seeds
Edwin 0 52
Only thing, I'll just keep sowing Seeds. I know He's coming. I believe it. I want to live for that. I'm convinced that He's coming. I'm convinced that He's coming soon. I am.Revelation 22:20Even so, come, Lord Jesus.  My business is sow Seeds. I don'..
30 Sep Now watch that nature
Edwin 0 168
Now, if we'll watch the Dove…The reason It stayed on the Lamb, because Their natures was the same. And the reason that the Dove stays on the Christian, He will stay there as long as he is a lamb. But when he takes a different nature, the Dove will ta..
29 Sep Them little adolescent days
Edwin 0 123
 The teaching that I can give them  around home, yet they get out with that worldly crowd; the devil is a shrewd fellow, and he pushes that into them. If you keep them under the Spirit until they get old enough to receive the Holy Ghost and know what..
28 Sep Die on the rock with your Lamb
Edwin 0 125
Die on the rock with your Lamb. A lamb don't have but one thing, and that's wool. And he has to forfeit all he's got. He don't kick up a fuss about it. You take the little fellow and throw him up there, like I said, the lamb dumb before its shearers...
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