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13 Jul The Coming Smart and Automated Age
Edwin 0 90
Smartphones, smart computers, smart fridges, smart washing machines, smart cars, smart planes, smart roads, flying cars, this is the coming world and if one can attest to this, we all know how science is trying its very best to upgrade and somehow co..
12 Jul Euro 2020 A Great Win for England
Edwin 0 136
Euro 2020, the match of the decade, a  match of many symbolism and many messages. Among the many messages that this Euro 2020 gives, I will just take one and try my best to elaborate on it in this article and I hope this article will bring calmness t..
05 Jul The Gently Scramble for a space on the webland
Edwin 0 190
Gone are the days where lands are battled for and because of lands battles and enemies were made. Like the great Walls of China and the walls of Jericho, lands were protected heavily and it was death to cross into another. A trespass of no return.Man..
03 Jul The Digital Market Place Preacher
0 134
The world is changing, whether we like it or not it will. I remember when you go the market place, every cornor you turn, you will see a preacher. The market place is one of the best places to preach the word of God, because many come from all cornor..
02 Jul After you've done all that you should, Rest!
Edwin 0 86
And He said, “Abraham, you’re old, your strength is gone, your arms are withered up, your manhood’s gone, but I am your Mother. Just take a-hold of My promise, and be satisfied while you’re waiting. Be rested!”James 4:8Draw nigh to God, and he will d..
01 Jul The advertising agent
Edwin 0 80
Now, remember that. Each one of you, from tonight on, remember, you are God's billboards. And you're—you're God's advertising agent. Now, the world will look at you, to see what Christ is. So we don't want to smear a big lot of stuff on there, that t..
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