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Ghana Taste Plantain Fufu Flour 680g

Ghana Taste Plantain Fufu Flour 680g
Ghana Taste Plantain Fufu Flour 680g
Cocoyam fufu flour is made from desiccated cocoyam, milled into flour powder. It is cooked like mashed potato into a semi-solid dough and served with any delicious African vegetable soup or soup of your choice.

Cocoa fufu flour is reputed to be a great inclusion in a health diet plan. It is rich in dietary fibre and complex carbohydrate. Many diabetics have found it helpful in controlling their sugar levels too.

How to Prepare Plantain Fufu

As expected, there is often variations on how to prepare most African cuisines. The method described here is just one way.

Try it our and then modify it to suit your taste. What ever you do, know that you have just come across a great product that should be included in any African household regular diet. 

Get a pack of Plantain fufu flour. You can buy this fufu flour here at your afrocaribbean shop online.
  • Add about a pint (two cups or 500mLs) of clear clean water into a saucepan
  • Bring it to boil. Once the water in boiling, sprinkle about a cup full of plantain flour into the boiling water on low heat.
  • Stir the ensuing dough vigorously with a wooden spatula, ensuring that no island of dried flour is let on its own
  • Add more flour or boiling water to this mixture until you get the desired thickness of your choice...some like very hard fufu, while others want it soft.
  • Now cover the fufu pot and allow to simmer in low to medium heat for about five minutes.
  • Stir again and allow your plantain fufu to cool
It is ready to serve with ogbono or egusi or palm nut soup. New to plantain fufu? Get one here today and try it! Enjoy your meal. 
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