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From the best brands, from deep in the African hinterland, Honesty Sales has got it all. Shop with us and you won't look any where else. Find a cheaper price anywhere else, let us know and we will beat ours down.

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Braimah Food Cassava Flour 2 Kg

Direction for useMeasures1 level tbsp = 15g or .5 oz1 heaped tbsp = 25g or 1 ozserving SuggestionsGr..


Braimah Foods Dawadawa

A seasoning native to West Africa, DawaDawa are seeds from a very common large & tall tree and i..


Breimah Foods Ltd Wreawtea

When you think of the health benefits of watermelon, the seeds probably don't come to mind. You pro..


Burger Peanut Snack ( Pack of 8)

Product detailsPeanut Snacks - This bag contained peanuts with a thin, crispy wheat-based shell bake..


Carotino Healtheir Palm oil - Expiry Date 5/2020

Healthier Oil for Cooking* Finest quality * Natural antioxidants * Vitamin E and pro-vitam..


Delight Foods Hausa Koko - Millet Porridge

Ingredient:Millet (16%), Ginger, Cloves, Black Pepper, Chilli, Water (83%)Storage:Keep in cool dry p..


Dunns River Ackees 540 g (pack of 2)

Brand Dunns River Speciality suitable_for_vegetarians ..


Egye awarea Livern Mixed Spices Special - Testes real Good

Egye Awarea brings you a blend of fine spices to help you create the best in your dishes...


Ghana Best Abemudro ( Palm Nut Soup with Herbs) 800g

Ingredients:Palmnut cream, garlic, onions, water, salt, aubergine, garlic powder. No added additives..