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From the best brands, from deep in the African hinterland, Honesty Sales has got it all. Shop with us and you won't look any where else. Find a cheaper price anywhere else, let us know and we will beat ours down.

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Olu Olu Pounded Ol Lyan-Specially formulated flour mix

Olu Olu Pounded Ol Lyan is a trade name of Olu Olu.Ingredients Granules of Potato, rice; food s..


ONGA seasoning

Made from only the finest ingredients, Onga seasoning is a flavour-filled blend of herbs and spices ..


Ovaltine Original Drink

The Original Ovaltine drink. It has been going strong for over a hundred years and is still a much-l..


Smoked Catfish Fillet 80g

Popular Catfish Fillets, dried and smoked. ..


Tabitha's Original Flavour Chin Chin

Chin Chin is a sweet & crunchy snack made of wheat flour, sugar & margarine mostly popular a..


Titus Sardine

Titus Sardines in Vegetable Oil are prepared from only the highest quality sardines available. These..