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Jars and Tins

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Africa's Finest Banga Soup Base ( Palm Fruit Concentrate) 800g

Ingredients:Palmnut fruit ( 99.5% ), saltPreparation:Add 1.5 parts water to one part palm cream conc..


Africa’s Finest Pure Palm Oil 1Ltr

Africa's Finest Palm Oil is customers favourite, as its 100% pure and natural. Palm oil is commonly ..


Carotino Healtheir Palm oil - Expiry Date 5/2020

Healthier Oil for Cooking* Finest quality * Natural antioxidants * Vitamin E and pro-vitam..


Ghana Best Abemudro ( Palm Nut Soup with Herbs) 800g

Ingredients:Palmnut cream, garlic, onions, water, salt, aubergine, garlic powder. No added additives..


Ghana Tasty Pea Aubergine ( Kantose, Keahu Nsusua, Abemuduro)

Ghana tasty Abemudro offers a delicious way to create a wonderful array of mouth-watering Ghanaian d..


Nigeria Taste Banga Soup Base

Nigeria Taste Banga Soup Base is a Palm Fruit Concentrate is a common ingredient used in Afro-Carib..