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Jeba Natural Hair Food

Jeba Natural Hair Food
Jeba Natural Hair Food
Jeba Natural Hair Products are specially formulated to leave your hair healthy, shiny and full of life. If you've experienced hair breakage, thinning or loss then Jeba Natural Products are for you. For greatest results use all three Jeba products, however if you have a special need - each one works wonders on its own.
  • Wash hair using your own shampoo or (for best results) use Original West African Black Soap Shampoo.
  • Rinse hair thoroughly.
  • Apply Jeba Hair Fertilizer to scalp. Massage your scalp thoroughly and wrap head with a warm towel. Keep covered until towel is cool. DO NOT RINSE HAIR.
  • Apply Jeba Hair Food to hair and scalp to promote growth and prevent hair breakage.
  • Next day, apply Jeba Hair Bounce for a natural sheen.
  • Apply Jeba Hair Food and Hair Bounce daily
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